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  The Return of the Urban Firestorm What happened in Colorado was something much scarier than a wildfire. By David Wallace-Wells   from above article On Thursday afternoon, in the space of a few hours just a day before the new year, 100-plus mile-per-hour winds carried the most destructive fire in Colorado history through the suburban sprawl of greater Denver, destroying much of the towns of Louisville and Superior and forcing tens of thousands to flee, including many who’d entered shopping malls from sunny skies just a few minutes before. As many as 1,000 homes were destroyed . Three people currently remain missing ; if the death count stays at zero, Colorado governor Jared Polis said Friday , it would be “a New Year’s miracle.”....   ..............  Right, of course. All 20 of the largest wildfires in recorded Colorado history have taken place in the last 20 years . But the fact that a fire can essentially become self-sustaini
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  The Dead Sea of West Texas A Pecos County well has leaked noxious salt water for almost two decades. No one is taking responsibility for getting it cleaned up. By Russell Gold December 8, 2021   Quot from the above article " Robert Mace About twenty-five miles north of Fort Stockton sits what looks, at first blush, like an oasis amid the West Texas desert. When I recently visited what might be Texas’s newest sizable body of water, its color was a pleasant sea green. A flock of ducks circled in the sky above and landed on the choppy surface. Yet Lake Boehmer covers more than sixty acres of scrubland with a noxious brew. You wouldn’t want to sate your thirst with its water, which is three times saltier than the ocean, with a sulfate level twenty-five times greater than legally allowed for drinking. Lake Boehmer belches hydrogen sulfide gas, which at low concentrations generates a rotten egg smell and at higher concentrations kills the occasional water